Church History

1884: The Reverend C. W. Hill, pastor of the San Jose Congregational Church, began regular Wednesday evening services at the Hamilton Grammar School.

1887: The meeting place was changed to the Town Hall in Campbell.

1888 – July : Reverend Dr. William Windsor came to California and bought a ranch in the Union District near Los Gatos which he named “Boscobel”.

1888 – Nov 4th: Dr. Windsor held the first Sunday morning service in Campbell Town Hall.

1889 – Apr 28th: Twelve people assembled in the Campbell Town Hall to organize a Congregational Church. Rev. Dr. William Windsor was called to serve as pastor.

1891 – Apr 18: Articles of Incorporation were received and filed. It was voted to proceed with plans for a church. (Church began construction at location of current Campbell City Hall complex.)

1892 – Jan 13: First service held in Lecture Room of new church. The main sanctuary was not yet ready for use.

1892 – Mar 13: First service held in new church sanctuary. Church was dedicated.

1902 – Apr 24: The Town Library, which was founded by the church, was kept in the lecture room and was under the supervision of Mr. James from its beginning.

1927 – Jan: Reverend Joseph Henry Bennett started the Cub Scout organization in the church, based on those in England. It was called Wolf Cub Pack Number One. It was the first in the area and the forerunner of the present Cub Scout Packs in the United States.

1953: Demand for a new church became quite vocal. Dr. Olds and members of the planning committee scouted for suitable locations. After several options, the committee decided upon an agreement of sale for property along Campbell Avenue belonging to Mr. Dubcich. After the adjustment of a minor disagreement, the purchase price was settled upon for 400 feet, totaling 3.14 acres, at $6,000 per acre for a total cost of $19,146.

1954 Fall: A building fund canvass was conducted.

1955 Aug 1: The old church building was sold to the City of Campbell for use as a City Hall (conditional on the passage of a bond election in October)

1955 Nov: Construction began on the new church.

1956 July 22: The last service was held in the old church.

1956 July 29: The first service was held in the new church. Folding chairs were arranged on the bare concrete floor since there was no money for floor coverings or pews. Membership at the time of the move was 452 with church school enrollment of 250.

1956 Sep 23: The new church was dedicated. The dual services were abandoned as the new sanctuary would hold all the worshipers for one service held at 10 a.m.

1957: The church joined the Santa Clara Valley Council of Churches

1961 Oct: The Congregational Church of Campbell officially became a member of the new national body, “The United Church of Christ”.

1969 – Jan 19: The “Burning of the mortgage” on the building took place.

1970: Congregation voted to construct a Fellowship hall, kitchen addition and classrooms.

1971 – July 23: City of Campbell demolished the original church building to make room for a new city center.

1972 – Jan 23: Fellowship center and two classrooms were dedicated. Kitchen was enlarged.

1981-1986: Ten stained glass clerestory windows were installed and dedicated.

1985: Our new Allen 5000 organ was dedicated and special recognition was made of all the memorial gifts for the organ.

1989 – Apr 22: The Church celebrated the 100th anniversary with a banquet and special services.

1992 – Nov: The bell tower was removed (due to termite damage) and the front entrance was remodeled. A memorial garden was completed in front of the church under the large stained glass window. The garden included the remounted cross from the tower.

1997 – New Century Hymnals were dedicated. Pew Bibles were dedicated.

2009 – New solar system was dedicated.

Ministers Called by the Congregation

  • 1889 – 1903 The Rev. Dr. William Windsor
  • 1903 – 1916 The Rev. George E. Atkinson
  • 1916 – 1918 The Rev. William E. Eckles
  • 1918 – 1921 The Rev. H. L. Preston
  • 1921 – 1926 The Rev. William E. Eckles
  • 1927 – 1945 The Rev. Joseph H. Bennett
  • 1945 – 1948 The Rev. Robert L. Carlson, D.D.
  • 1948 – 1960 The Rev. Corwin H. Olds, D.D.
  • 1956 – 1957 The Rev. Delbert E. Hollenberg
  • 1961 – 1965 The Rev. Ed Cunningham
  • 1963 – 1965 The Rev. V. F. (Deitz) Deditius
  • 1966 – 1985 The Rev. Dr. Anthony Wayne Meyers
  • 1988 – 1992 The Rev. Oliver Thomas
  • 1992 – 1999 The Rev. Margaret (Meg) Self
  • 2002 – 2011 The Rev. Elane O’Rourke
  • 2014 – present The Rev. Blair Hull

Note: Interim ministers served as pastors for the church during gaps in the above chronology.