We worship together on Sundays, from 10AM until about 11:15. We combine traditional and contemporary music, and each Sunday we hold an open Communion table as part of our service. Plan to stay for coffee and treats after worship, either to get to know us, or just because you like free cookies (or hummus)!

We hope to see you soon, and please feel free to contact us with any questions. There are prior video sermons available on the Sermon Videos page. The most recent two video sermons are displayed below.


July 17, 2016 sermon


July 10, 2016 sermon


The following are audio podcasts of the latest sermons.


Sermon: "Rootbound?" preached on Jul 16, 2017
Rev. Evelyn Vigil

Open Hands

Sermon: "Open Hands" preached on Jul 09, 2017
Lauren Shields

Come to the Mountain

Sermon: "Come to the Mountain" preached on Jul 02, 2017
Lauren Shields

Sarah Laughs

Sermon: "Sarah Laughs" preached on Jun 18, 2017
Terry Shoup

It Was Good

Sermon: "It Was Good" preached on Jun 11, 2017
Lauren Shields

Native Tongue

Sermon: "Native Tongue" preached on Jun 04, 2017
Lauren Shields

Our Mother's House Has Many Rooms

Sermon: "Our Mother's House Has Many Rooms" preached on May 14, 2017
Lauren Shields

New Beginnings

Sermon: "New Beginnings" preached on May 07, 2017
Lauren Shields

Recognizing Christ

Sermon: "Recognizing Christ" preached on Apr 30, 2017
Lauren Shields

Fact-checking Thomas

Sermon: "Fact-checking Thomas" preached on Apr 23, 2017
Terry Shoup

The Rebirth of Compassion?

Sermon: "The Rebirth of Compassion?" preached on Apr 16, 2017
Lauren Shields

A Better Metric

Sermon: "A Better Metric" preached on Apr 02, 2017
Lauren Shields

Vending Machine Faith

Sermon: "Vending Machine Faith" preached on Mar 12, 2017
Lauren Shields

Creation: God's Body?

Sermon: "Creation: God's Body?" preached on Mar 05, 2017
Lauren Shields

Making Space for Lent

Sermon: "Making Space for Lent" preached on Feb 26, 2017
Lauren Shields

We Are the Temples

Sermon: "We Are the Temples" preached on Feb 19, 2017
Lauren Shields

From the Heart

Sermon: "From the Heart" preached on Feb 12, 2017
Lauren Shields

The Shield of Praise

Sermon: "The Shield of Praise" preached on Feb 05, 2017
Lauren Shields

The Vision Beautiful

Sermon: "The Vision Beautiful" preached on Jan 29, 2017
Lauren Shields

Shining the Light

Sermon: "Shining the Light" preached on Jan 22, 2017
Terry Shoup

Shining the Light-Slides

Sermon: "Shining the Light-Slides" preached on Jan 22, 2017
Terry Shoup